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Divine Science Brewing Founders

The Full Story

Everything we make is always 100% Gluten Free. Both founders, Domonic and Robert are Gluten Free, living the life and understanding what it means to deal with Gluten Sensitivities.  Robert started home brewing back in 2012 when he grew tired of the limited Gluten free beer options at the store. And thankfully he had Domonic to help drink them while he explored different styles.  It's all about the love of beer. And born out of necessity Divine Science launched in 2019. Now you can find our Gluten Free beer sold across California. We are self-distributed which means we have the flexibility to go just about anywhere. But it also means you might see us out of stock until we can revisit your area. With just 2 people handling the state of CA we appreciate your support and patience.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Whether you are looking for beer for your store or for yourself. Send us a message. 

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